Small Thoughts

I like to think I think a lot. Not that I think that I think about anything insightful or important most of the time. I just think that my thoughts are constantly flowing all the time. Common places of thinking include conversations, lecture halls, and the church sanctuaries (no one tell my elders). Essentially any place or thing that really requires my attention.

About a year ago, I had a brilliant idea where I’d bring a notebook with me everywhere and begin recording my thoughts down. The thing about my stream of thoughts is that it frequently repeated itself so I found myself thinking about the same things a lot. Writing down my thoughts consolidated them into one place and my thoughts began to build off of my written material. My small thoughts started becoming a bigger thing.

Now, I’d want nothing more than to say that this past year was a year of breakthroughs and insight. Unfortunately, I have more half things and thoughts in progress than ever before, and answers to just about nothing. But what I’d like to do is share these thoughts with others and hopefully we can find the truth together. Or whatever it is we’re each individually looking for. And I think that’s what’s really important, the fact that we’re all here putting in the work and trying to find answers.



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